brazil_admission (arobase)

The ParisTech cooperation program with Brazil focuses on the development of close partnerships with selected Brazilian Universities in order to organize students exchanges with a double diploma. These exchanges last typically two years and the student will graduate with both the diploma of his/her home university in Brazil and the Master of Science diploma of the ESPCI ParisTech.

The Universities with which we have partnerships are:

  • USP São Paulo: Escola Politécnica and Science Faculties
  • USP São Carlos: Science and Engineering Faculties
  • UNICAMP: Science and Engineering faculties
  • UFRGS (Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul)
  • UFRJ: Escola Politécnica and Science Faculties
  • PUC Rio de Janeiro

If you are a student in one of these institutions and are interested in this exchange program, please consult the practical details to apply for admission on the ParisTech website.