Foreign Students at ESPCI Paris

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People from European Union member states do not need a visa to study in France.
People who are not nationals of a European country, Andorra or Switzerland need a visa to study in France. This request must be made before your departure.
Algerian students must follow a special procedure:

Contact the French consulate or embassy of your country of residence to apply for a student visa at least 3 months before your departure. The CEF online procedure (Centers for Studies in France) is mandatory for some countries, consult the website of campus France for a list of countries concerned.

A / Algerian students must follow a special procedure:

B / For engineering students, for master’s students and students in research projects at the level below the master’s degree:

 For a stay of less than 90 days request the short stay visa for studies (less than 90 days). This visa exempts its holder from residence permit in the territory and is not renewable.

 For a stay of more than 90 days you have to apply for a long-stay visa with student’s VLS-TS residence permit. (See the following links)

Within three months of your entry into France, you must have your long-stay visa endorsed with the OFII, the French Office for Immigration and Integration. Completion of these formalities requires a period of 1 to 2 months.
The procedures are detailed here:étudiant.
The address of the OFII is Territorial Direction of Paris 48 rue de la Roquette 75011 Paris. The purchase of the OMI stamps can be done 18/20 rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire 75005 Paris (Metro Censier Daubenton).

Residence permit:
Upon the expiry of your long-term student residence visa, you can renew your right to stay to continue your studies in France under certain conditions and apply for a multi-year residence permit. It is a fee and its validity corresponds to the number of years remaining in the cycle of studies to which you are registered. For this you must contact the prefecture of your place of residence.

C / For doctoral and post-doctoral students:

 Long-stay visa "scientific researcher" mention "passport talent-researcher" for PhD students and researchers (staying more than 90 days). This type of visa is recommended to PhD students. They will have to obtain a prior agreement to their host institution "a hosting agreement".

For a stay of less than 12 months, you have a visa valid as a residence permit, called VLS-TS "talent passport - researcher". It is valid for one year. Within three months of arriving in France, you must have your visa validated with the French Office for Immigration and Integration OFII.

At the end of your long-stay visa "talent passport - researcher", you can apply for a multi-year residence permit "passport talent-researcher" to extend your stay in France. Address your request to the prefecture. If you obtain your residence permit, it will only be valid for a period identical to that of the hosting agreement, within a limit of 4 years. This formality is renewable and costs 269 euros. Family members can also apply for the renewal of their long-stay visa "talent-family passport" to obtain a multi-year residence card under the same conditions.

For a stay of 12 months or more, you have at first a simple visa "passport talent-researcher". It is valid for three months and is not worth a residence permit. Within two months of your arrival in France, you must apply to the prefecture to apply for your multi-year residence permit, "talent-researcher passport". It is valid for a duration identical to that of the hosting agreement, within a limit of 4 years. You do not have to go to the OFII.

Useful links:

Venir en France :
Office Français de l’immigration et de l’intégration OFII :
Préfecture de police de Paris :
Service Public-Site officiel de l’adminstration française :

Campus France (procédure CEF)à-partir-dun-pays-a-procedure-cef


It is not easy to find a student accommodation in Paris. The ESPCI Paris tries to help you find accommodation according to the duration of your stay.
It is important to start the process as soon as possible.

A / The residence of the students of ESPCI Paris:

The Studies Department provides trainees, doctoral students, ESPCI researchers student housing from 18m² to 20m² located in Montrouge
For longer periods refer to the long stay offer.

B / The rooms in Cité Universitaire of the CROUS:

This is the most economical type of accommodation. To benefit from it for a year you must build an international housing file and deposit it between January 15 and May 31 preceding the start of the academic year.

C / The Chambers of the international city:

Located in the 14th district of Paris, the Cité Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) is a vast complex of university residences. It hosts nearly 6000 students, researchers, artists and top athletes from around the world (more easily accessible to doctors and master 2).

D / Private accommodation:

It is possible to find housing in private homes. The sites below can help you:
Student rental:

E / The Guarantors

It is often necessary to have a guarantor to be able to obtain a rental.
The ESPCI Paris helps you to find this guarantor.
The Association of Alumni of ESPCI Paris can be guarantor for the rental of foreign students in training at ESPCI Paris.

It is also possible to use the devices:

F / Help:

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF): If you pay rent for your main place of residence and your income is modest, you may be eligible for housing assistance. You can open an application directly online and calculate an estimate of the total amount of assistance for which you are eligible.

G / Useful links to PSL:

III / Health assistance:

A / For students in the engineering cycle to the Master’s degree.

Student social security is automatic when you register. The annual fee of approximately 215 € will be requested at the same time as the registration fee. It guarantees a partial or total reimbursement of medical expenses. You will have the choice between two student social security organizations: and You will also have the opportunity to choose a mutual to optimize your repayments. An optional choice but strongly recommended if you no longer benefit from the mutual coverage of your parents.

B / For trainees under convention, two possibilities:

 Students are covered by the provisions in their country of origin (which must be verified by the legal department of ESPCI Paris).
Students take out insurance covering their health costs and at least repatriation assistance.
Example of a company that can offer such insurance:

C / Find a health professional in Paris:

You can easily find the doctor you need (general medicine, gynecology, dental care, dermatology, psychological support, addiction services, nutrition, etc.) to the following:
Medical Center Tel: 01 85 56 00 00 Dental Center Phone 01 85 56 00 01

SIUMPPS, Saints-Fathers Health Center (CSSP)

Health centers of the city of Paris

At ESPCI Paris the doctor of reference is:

Useful links:


D / Psychological Support

In addition to the support you can find at the level of the supervisors of your school,
the BAPU university psychological help desk
and Fil santé jeune
can help you with problems.

Social integration activities:

The student associations of ESPCI Paris and PSL are here to welcome you and allow you to enjoy Parisian student life. Contact these associations for sport. The ESPCI BDE has a referent student who deals with foreign students

The links :

IV / Questionnaire, relations, monitoring of international students of the school

The international students of the school are followed by Anne Devulder:

The Brazilian students of the school should contact Ricardo Lobo:

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris