Mickaël Tanter, visiting professor at Caltech


Every year, the prestigious Caltech University (California Institute of Technology, USA) relies on the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to invite foreign professors. This year, Mickaël Tanter, director of the Physics for Medicine Paris laboratory (ESPCI Paris-PSL, Inserm, CNRS) was chosen. This is a great opportunity to deepen existing links with several research teams, and to strengthen academic links with Caltech.

Created in 2019, the Paris Physics Institute for Medicine currently brings together around 70 scientists who form bridges between physics and medicine. Two main lines of research stand out: diagnostic imaging and treatment, both based on ultrasound.
Pioneers in the field of biomedical ultrasound, the members of PhysMed are multiplying prestigious collaborations in Europe and around the world to develop applications in oncology, cardiology and neuroscience.
"We have initiated a long-standing collaboration with Mikhail G. Shapiro’s team in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, and more recently with Richard A. Andersen’s team in the Department of Biology & Biological Engineering, around brain/machine interfaces to improve the daily lives of disabled patients. The idea is to test brain stimulation electrodes based on ultrasound," explains Mickaël Tanter.

During his four-month stay, the researcher will therefore further develop these collaborations and give a series of lectures on the West Coast of the United States. It is also an ideal opportunity to strengthen the links between ESPCI and Caltech, particularly through the exchange of internships or for PhD positions.