Practical infos


Depending on your question, contact :

  • Marc Fermigier

Direction of Academic Affairs

marc.fermigier (arobase)

  • Brigitte Beaussart

Industrial Relations

brigitte.beaussart (arobase)


There are many scholarship opportunities which vary according to the destination. They can be assigned automatically (Erasmus), means-tested (Ile de France, Ville de Paris) or requiring an application.


Erasmus Scholarships

Studying abroad

The number of establishments covered is limited, a bilateral agreement must be signed.

Amount : about 200 euros per month in 2009-2010.

Contact : Marc Fermigier


Internship in industry in another European country.

Amount : Depends on the training allowance and benefits in kind granted by the company (<800 €). May possibly be granted to 3rd year students.

Contact : Brigitte Beaussart

Scholarships Ville de Paris- Complément Erasmus

Targeted for Erasmus students. means-tested : quotient familial inferior to 19 190 € in 2009-2010.

Amount : 160 euros par mois

Contacts :  Marc Fermigier (Études) and Brigitte Beaussart (Stages)

Idea League Scholarships

Targeted for students carrying out a research internship in an institution member of the Idea League: Imperial College, RWTH Aachen, TU Delft, ETH Zurich. In limited number for ParisTech.

Web site :

Contact : Marc Fermigier


Île de France Scholarships

Means tested: quotient familial less than € 19,190 in 2009-2010. Up to 30 applications can be accpeted. The submission of applications is 3 times per year. 2009-2010: late November 2009 for training starting between 1 January and 31 avril the following year; in late March 2010 for training starting between 1 May and 31 July 2010. The date for the last call is not yet set.

All destinations. Studies or internships.

Contact : Brigitte Beaussart

Fellowships from French regions (if you are from there)

See directly with the Conseil Régional

Bourse de voyage du CROUS

Contact the CROUS

Web site :

If in the course of your studies, you do a mandatory internship of minimum one month in the overseas territories or abroad, the travel award can help you finance your trip. The application file can be requested from the service FSD and needs to be submitted two months before your departure.

The travel grant is a contribution to costs of transportation. The number and amount of these scholarships are based on the volume of credits allotted to this purpose. The award will be granted primarily for students holding a scholarship on social criteria.


  • Scholarships for internships in Germany (industrial training)

Web site : Office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse

  • In Bavaria

Web site : Centre de Coopération Universitaire Franco-Bavarois

  • Long duration scholarships (with diploma)

Web site :

  • PhD students and post-docs

Web site :

  • Professors

Web site :


Web site :


Web site :


Agreement with CREPUQ (Quebec). Erasmus style, but no certainty of acceptance of the candidate. Free studies but no scholarships.


Web site :


ESPCI ParisTech offers accommodations in a residence located on the outskirts of Paris, at Montrouge. These units are reserved primarily for students of the School and students in Erasmus mobility. You will find a description of these dwellings on the students’ web site: