The quality of education at ESPCI ParisTech prepares engineering graduates for careers in every major industry. Within months of graduation, the overwhelming majority (over 90 percent) of students are in employment, with an average annual starting salary (excluding PhDs) of over €40,000. The School’s pluridisciplinary focus is particularly in demand, as industry must change to meet changes in energy resources and achieve major technological breakthroughs.

84% of ESPCI ParisTech graduates and PhDs pursue careers in industry, primarily in R&D but also in production, reprocessing, and related fields such as industrial property and corporate finance. Well-known firms include Schlumberger, Total, Saint-Gobain, Arkema, Rhodia, L’Oréal, Michelin, AREVA and Thales.

Engineering graduates also found several new companies each year. The practical, immediately operational education they received, interfacing with laboratories conducting advanced research, translates into the capacity to convert technological innovation into market success.