International Scientific Committee

In 2007, ESPCI Paris established an International Scientific Committee which, under the terms of its remit, "presents annually to the Board of Directors a written report on teaching and research activity, and makes proposals for orientations." The International Scientific Committee is composed of eminent, internationally recognized figures from the academic world, research and industry. The ten members are named by the President of the Committee on a joint proposal by the Director General, and the President of the Scientific Council of the City of Paris.

ESPCI Paris is one of the world’s few institutions of higher education and research to have assembled a team of exceptional scope, capable of jointly developing an overall vision for the institution’s major scientific and educational policy orientations, to position the School permanently in the international arena.


Prof. Steven Chu

- Professor of Physics and Molecular & Cellular Physiology at Stanford University
- Chair of the Board of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). (and past president)
- Nobel Prize in Physics 1997

Research interest:
atomic physics, polymer physics, biophysics, molecular biology, medical imaging, nanoparticle synthesis, batteries and other electrochemical applications.

Members from academia

Prof. Monica Olvera de la Cruz
- Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry and (by courtesy) Chemical and Biological Engineering, Physics and Astronomy à l’Université de Northwestern

Research interest:
Theoretical models for macromolecules properties, functional nanostructured materials, complex fluids

Prof. Andy Millis

Co-director of the Center for Computational Quantum Physics at the Flatiron Institute and professor of Physics at Columbia University.

Research interest:
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics

Prof. Hui Cao

- John C. Malone Professor of Applied Physics and of Physics, and Professor of Electrical Engineering. at Yale University.

Research interest:
mesoscopic nanophotonic and biophotonic physics

Prof. Ben Feringa (prix Nobel)

- Full professor at the University of Groningen and Jacobus H. van’t Hoff Distinguished Professor of Molecular Sciences
- Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016

Research interest:
nanotechnology and synthetic organic chemistry.

Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

- Professor in the department of chemistry at the Mellon College of Science.

Research interest:
Polymer chemistry

Prof. Bruno Weber

Professor at the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Zurich)

Research interest:
Experimental Imaging and Neuroenergetics

Members from industry

Dr. Patrick Maestro
- Chief Scientific Officer Solvay

Dr. Magali Knipper
- Ex - L’Oréal Research & Innovation Scientific & Technical Management

Dr. Helen Routh
- Advisor to hospital/academia/industry partnerships & startups; former Senior Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Royal Philips