Thomas Salez (ENS/ESPCI)

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1er mars 2013 11:00 » 12:00 — Bureau d’Etudes

Polymers in Flatland : Self-Similarity and Nanorheology

The study of ultra-thin polymer nanofilms is a rich and productive field for applied mathematics, fundamental physics, physiology and engineering. It has been enlightened by the recent results on dewetting, nanoindentation, electrostatic instabilities and micro- bubbles. We report here on a novel and simple technique based on capillary leveling of a thin polystyrene stepped film far above the glass transition temperature [1]. We present as well the analytical [2] and numerical [3] tools that allow one to precisely understand the experimental profiles in various conditions. In particular, we study the self-similar in- termediate asymptotics of the solutions and we describe how they provide a direct and accurate viscosity probe for polymer materials and viscous flows in general. Finally, we show how those solutions can give quantitative insights on fundamental questions such as : the effect of confinement on the macromolecular mobility, the slip condition at the substrate in hydrodynamics, the spreading of a droplet onto a precursor film [4], or the evolution of the superficial mobility through the glass transition.

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