Hugo Jacquin (ENS Lyon)

Séminaire du laboratoire Gulliver
Contact : Mathilde Reyssat

30 septembre 2013 11:15 » 12:15 — Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

Static and dynamic theories of the glass and jamming transitions

The glass and jamming transitions are two distinct mechanism by which atomistic (for the glass transition) and granular (for the jamming transition) systems acquire rigidity on a laboratory time scale.

Although the glass and jamming physics are quite old subjects, the development of
quantitative theories has been quite slow. It is only recently that the qualitative
theories that have existed for several decades begin to be applicable to realistic (though minimal)
models for the glass and jamming transition.

I will present an overview of my PhD work, which intended to push forward these developements, and
make a summary of the successes and limitations of these theoretic tools.

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