Henrik Bruus (DTU, Denmark)

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Contact :

seminaires (arobase) pmmh.espci.fr

3 octobre 2014 11:00 » 12:00 — Bureau d’Etudes

Theoretical aspects of acoustofluidics : Streaming, radiation forces, and thermoviscous effects

Inspired by the current increase in applications of acoustophoresis in biochip systems, my research group has conducted several theoretical and numerical studies of the basic physics of acoustofluidics including streaming, radiation forces, and thermoviscous effects. At the seminar an overview of our results will be given with special attention on the acoustic interaction forces and the role of thermoviscous boundary layers in streaming and radiation forces. All our preprints and reprints are available for download at my group website www.fysik.dtu.dk/microfluidics under peer-reviewed papers.

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