thèse Réda AGNAOU intitulée "Polymères supramoléculaires semi-cristallins à base de Polyamides et PMMA"

Laboratoire Matière Molle et Chimie

17 novembre 2014 14:00 » 18:00 — A4 (Langevin)

Design of materials with polymer-like properties at service temperature but able to flow like simple liquids when heated remains one of the important challenges of supramolecular chemistry. Combining these antagonistic properties is highly desirable to provide durability, processability, and recyclability of materials. Here, we explore a new strategy based on polycondensation reactions to design supramolecular polymer materials with stress at break above 10 MPa and melt viscosity lower than 1 Pa•s. We describe the synthesis and rheological and mechanical properties (uniaxial tensile tests) of supramolecular polymers based on a multiblock polyamide architecture. The flexibility of polycondensation reactions made it possible to control the molecular size distribution, the strength of hydrogen bonds, and the crystallization of middle and end groups and to achieve targeted properties. A second family of supramolecular polymers, based on a PMMA backbone, was designed and synthesized by ATRP or RAFT polymerization. Controlled radical polymerization enabled precise control over molecular weight and chemical modification of the oligomers allowed us to obtain supramolecular PMMA terminated at both ends by associative groups. Thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of this supramolecular polymer are described.

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