Scientist - Scalable fluidics for high-technology capsules


Applications, including CV and Cover Letter, should be sent to Dr Jamie Walters : and Dr Damien Démoulin :


Calyxia is a start-up enterprise that combines innovative fluidic technologies developed within Harvard University and ESPCI ParisTech with complex material chemistries to produce high technology capsules for the chemical industry.


The goal of this research project is to produce smart capsules that improve the performance of active ingredients in formulated materials (e.g. coatings, elastomers, personal and home care products, …).

The project will involve the development of scalable fluidic processes in order to fabricate capsules with multiple shell material chemistry, which present complete active ingredient protection and highly tuned release profiles.

Fluidic process development and material chemistry development will be conducted in parallel, with the active input of our partners in the chemical industry. This involves a 2-way exchange of expertise, intellectual and commercial invention and the regular production of samples for industrial testing.

This technology development project represents a crucial step in elaborating one of the first Calyxia product ranges.

Candidate profile


We are looking for candidates who thrive in innovation-driven environments, with the ability to transform pioneering science into successful commercial products.

Candidates should hold a PhD, with expertise in one or more of the following domains : fluidics, fluid mechanics, material science, particle synthesis, colloid science, emulsion and interface science. We expect the candidates to have extensive experience in experimental approaches.

Excellent communication and project management skills are required, as well as a good level of English.


CDD 1 year (fixed-term contract), based in the Laboratoire Colloïdes et Matériaux Divisés at ESPCI.

At the end of this project, opportunities of project leader positions within Calyxia will be offered.

Salary : 2000 to 2500 euros net per month, depending on experience.

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