Séminaire MMC Pr Yushu Matsushita

2 juin 2016 14:00 » 16:00 — A4 (Langevin)

Professor Yushu MATSUSHITA (Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering,Nagoya University, Japan)

New Domain Packing Patterns of Block Terpolymers and Their Blends

New types of self-assembled structures created from block terpolymers and the related systems will be introduced. Three kinds of principal polymer components are polyisoprene(I), polystyrene(S) and poly(2-vinylpyridine)(P), which are incompatible one another so that they clearly phase-separate microscopically at the bulk states in the strong segregation regime.

The systems adopted are (I) ISP linear terpolymer/S homopolymer blends, (II) ISP linear terpolymer binary blends, and (III) ISI/ISP/PSP ternary terpolymer blends. Unusual but periodic tiling patterns with extremely large unit cells have been found from the systems (I) and (II), while a totally new cylindrical structure with random cylinder-packing manner was observed for the ternary system (III). The latter two systems include five-neighbored domain structures, which can be conceived as the approximants of decagonal quasicrystals. Nanoporous structures formulated from triblock/diblock copolymer blends and triblock/triblock terpolymer blends with hydrogen bonding interactions will be also reported.

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