Francis Corson (LPS, ENS). Biophysics seminar ESPCI-ENS.

25 November 2016 13:00 » 14:00 — ENS, Room L369, 3rd floor

Positional information and self-organization: how the fly lays out its sense organs

The emergence of spatial patterns in developing multicellular organisms relies on positional cues and cell-cell communication. Drosophila sensory organs have informed a paradigm where these operate in two distinct steps: prepattern factors drive localized proneural activity, then Notch-mediated lateral inhibition singles out neural precursors. Using a combination of experiments and modeling, we show that Notch signaling also organizes the proneural stripes that resolve into rows of sensory bristles on the fly thorax. Patterning, initiated by a gradient of Delta ligand expression, progresses through inhibitory signaling between and within stripes. Thus Notch signaling can support self-organized tissue patterning as a broad prepattern is transduced by cell-cell interactions into a refined arrangement of cellular fates.