Guillaume Grégoire (Institut de Calcul Intensif, ECN and MSC, Université Paris Diderot)

10 avril 2017 11:30 » 12:30 — Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

Flowing suspension of fibres in an effective solvent

Composite materials are made of fibres which are embed in a matrix. Their micro-structures, their organisations lead to peculiar mechanical properties. But the manufacturing processes are made of multiphysics steps during which the material is heated up and sheared, for instance. It is well known that such suspensions under such constraints undergo instabilities (shear banding, clustering of the fibres, etc.). Therefore, the understanding of the microscopical dynamics is a key-point before further optimisation of composite materials. To perform such goal, we study a model of flexible fibres in an effective solvent. This model is based on Stochastic Rotation Dynamics (Malevanets and Kapral, Journal of Chemical Physics, 1999). I will give a brief review of this technique and I will show the first results of our study.

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