Post-Doctoral Fellow in Theoretical condensed matter physics

Offer description
PostDoc position in the group of Theory of Strongly Correlated Materials of the LPEM laboratory in ESPCI, Paris. The recruited person will pursue a line of research on the Density-Functional Theory + many-body strong correlations descriptions of Fe-based Superconductors and similar or related materials. In particular the candidate will investigate the interplay between non-local exchange interactions, spin-orbit effects and other realistic aspects of the one-body electronic dynamics in these materials with local many-body correlations and in particular Hund’s exchange coupling. Other opportunities of research within the objectives of the ERC Consolidator project StrongCoPhy4Energy and collaborations within the project group and outside will be available to the candidate depending on his/her interests and competencies.

Profile of the Candidate
Requirements : PhD or equivalent
PhD in physics (experience in theoretical physics or condensed matter physics preferred). Experience in Density Functional Theory (and especially in pseudo-potential codes like Quantum Espresso) represents the ideal asset. Experiences in theoretical methods for many-body physics such as Dynamical Mean-Field Theory, Quantum Monte Carlo or slave-particle methods will be highly appreciated.


First and LAST name : Luca DE MEDICI
Title : Principal Investigator (PI) of the ERC Consolidator Grant project StrongCoPhy4Energy (GA No 724177)
Email : luca.demedici (arobase)

Catégorie :
Filière : Administrative / Technique …
Corps :
Le poste est à pourvoir :
• par voie de mutation pour les agents titulaires de la Ville de Paris ;
• par voie de détachement pour les agents titulaires d’autres fonctions publiques ;
• par voie contractuelle pour une durée d’un an pour les agents non titulaires.

A complete CV, publication list, a motivation letter and all additional documents or information that might be of interest. Any recommendation letters should be sent directly via email (to luca.demedici (arobase) by the reference person or you can provide contact information of the reference person while applying.

Les candidatures de personnes disposant de la RQTH sont encouragées. Ces personnes peuvent bénéficier d’un dispositif de recrutement dérogatoire de la Ville de Paris pour l’accès à l’emploi de titulaire.

Le poste à pourvoir pour le 1/05/2018.


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