Workshop: Meeting with soft matter and photonics


Haberko, J. and F. Scheffold, "Fabrication of mesoscale polymeric templates
for three-dimensional disordered photonic materials'', Opt. Express 21, 1057 (2013)

On october 15-17, an exceptional Workshop called "Correlated disorder and hyperuniformity in soft matter and photonics" will take place at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together scientists from soft-matter science and wave physics interested in the design, the fabrication and the properties of correlated disordered and/or hyperuniform materials. The workshop will consist of invited talks by world-class specialists and a poster session which will be the place for discussions and interactions. The topics coveredwill include (not restrictive) correlated disorder, photonic glasses, hyperuniformity, hyperuniform materials, localization, polarization and near-field effects, self-assembled colloidal structures, optical and acoustic metamaterials.

Workshop Announcement

Detailed Program

Registration is free, but mandatory before the 21st September 2018 (see details in the announcement), by emailing the information to Romain Pierrat

Number of attendees limited to 70.

Organizing Committee :

  • Rémi Carminati : ESPCI Paris, France
  • Michel Cloitre : ESPCI Paris, France
  • Romain Pierrat : ESPCI Paris, France
  • Frank Scheffold : University of Fribourg, Switzerland