Post-doc or engineer position

ESPCI Paris is a major institution of higher education (a French "Grande École d’ingénieurs"), an internationally renowned research center (6 Nobel Prizes), and a fertile ground of innovation for industry (3 start-ups created/year). ESPCI is a highly multidisciplinary environment with teaching and research in physics, chemistry and biology.

Host Lab
The project is a collaboration between two researchers from the Gulliver laboratory at ESPCI Paris, Ludwik Leibler and Yannick Rondelez. Prof. Leibler has recognised achievements in the field of polymer physics and chemistry. Dr Rondelez develops high throughput in vitro methods for the directed evolution of enzymes. The lab has expertise in droplet-based microfluidic systems and mutational scans, which will be used to address questions related to polymerprocessing enzymes. The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary team, with experience spanning biology, chemistry and physics.

Enzymes are powerful catalysts whose engineered variants find increasing use in the context of sustainable chemistry. While enzymatic processing of soluble substrates has been extensively studied, the action of enzymes on solid materials is much less understood. The project aims at establishing a new method, combining microfluidic, polymer chemistry, molecular biology and next generation sequencing (NGS) to screen enzymatic variants with interesting material processing capabilities, at ultrahigh throughput. The information gathered will be used to improve our mechanistic understanding of interfacial enzyme processes and potentially obtain hyperactive variants.

We are seeking a highly motivated Post-Doc with strong experience in molecular biology, enzyme cloning and expression, a strong desire to work at the interfaces of various disciplines and a passion for establishing innovative experimental platforms.
Flexibility, autonomy, creativity
and good interpersonal skills are essential.

Starting date : open anytime

Duration : 12 months initially

Salary : according to professional experience

Address your applications (CV + cover letter) by email to :
Dr. Y Rondelez
ESPCI Paris - Gulliver Laboratory
10 Rue Vauquelin - 75005 Paris
yannick.rondelez (arobase)

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