Gulliver : Hadrien Vroylandt (Northwestern Univ)

31 octobre 2019 16:00 » 17:00 — F306

Jeudi 31 Octobre 2019 à 16h en F306, Hadrien Vroylandt (Northwestern University, USA) nous parlera de « Isometric uncertainty relations » (résumé ci-dessous).

Fluctuations relations emerge from broken symmetry, time reversal symmetry for the entropy production or spatial symmetry for the isometric fluctuation theorem. This presentation will demonstrate a link between fluctuation theorems and thermodynamic uncertainty relations by deriving a bound on the variance of fluxes that satisfy an isometric fluctuation theorem. The resulting bound, which depends on the system’s dimension d, naturally interpolates between two known bounds. The bound derived from the entropy production fluctuation theorem is recovered for d=1, and the original thermodynamic uncertainty relation is obtained in the d o \infty limit.

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