Gulliver seminar, Stéphane Dorbolo (Université de Liège)

9 mars 11:30 » 12:30 — Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

Leidenfrost is not only in a pan

A droplet that is released on a hot pan is extremely mobile. Like the famous hovercraft, the droplet levitates on a gas cushion. In the case of the droplet, the gas is its own vapour. Indeed, the so-called Leidenfrost effect results of the liquid-gas transition. However, the temperature of the pan has to be much larger than the boiling temperature of the liquid the droplet is made because of the properties of the pan (nature and surface state). In this presentation, we would like first to extend the concept to other phase transitions. Then, we will test the classical Leidenfrost effect under high gravity conditions. As the roughness of the substrate is shown to be an issue to determine the Leidenfrost temperature, we will present the Leidenfrost effect on a liquid bath. In this case, the Leidenfrost temperature is very close to the boiling temperature of the droplet. Finally, the impact of droplet on hot liquid bath is the natural prolongation of this study. When the droplet manages to pierce the interface, it is time to discuss the existence of thermal antibubbles.

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