Molecular Biologist – Minos Biosciences

Address your applications (CV + cover letter) by email to :

M. Didier PERINO

ESPCI Paris - Minos Biosciences
10 Rue Vauquelin - 75005 Paris

Location : Quartier Latin, Paris, France

Minos Biosciences

Spin-off from ESPCI, Minos Biosciences is developing a unique spatially-resolved, multi-modal, single-cell analysis system for fundamental, applied and clinical research and diagnostic. The Minos system combines state-of-the-art microfluidics, molecular biology, image analysis and bioinformatics.

Molecular Biologist

We are seeking a talented researcher/engineer specialized in molecular biology to join our team. We are currently developing a hybrid microfluidic chip at the crossroads of molecular biology and chemistry to analyse single cells. To be successful in this role, individual must have a high-level of expertise in molecular biology, have a strong sense of innovation and work efficiently within a pluridisciplinary team.

Essential Duties

• Engineer hybrid chips based on knowledge in molecular biology
• Design experiments to systematically test, troubleshoot and improve the system
• Communicate results and collaborate in a multidisciplinary team
• Design and develop new tools to implement the system


• MS/PhD in molecular biology
• Experience in genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, or multi-modal analysis of cells
• Experience in single-cell genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, or multi-modal analysis of cells
• Experience with microscopy and fluorescence imaging
• Experience in bioinformatics and data analysis
• Proficient verbal and written communication skills to collaborate effectively in a team environment and present and explain technical information
• Organizational skills required to achieve demanding multitask objectives
• Flexibility, autonomy, the ability to work in a highly multidisciplinary team and good interpersonal skills are essential.

Starting date : April 2020
Duration : CDI
Salary : according to professional experience

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