Masters and Graduate programs

ESPCI Paris actively contributes to several Research Masters of the PSL University with other institutions (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Mines ParisTech, Chimie ParisTech, Institut Curie...):

Master of Chemistry (co-accreditation PSL - Sorbonne University) : an advanced training in chemistry with several dedicated courses: Chemistry and life sciences, Analytical, physical and theoretical chemistry, Molecular chemistry, Chemistry of materials, Chemical engineering.

This degree is a part of the Graduate Program in Chemistry of PSL University

Energy Master’s degree: the aim of the course is to provide students with expertise in the energy sector and the challenges of decarbonation. Knowledge of the sector is sufficient to measure the impacts of a technological innovation on the entire energy system, and to master the conversion systems as well as the methods, tools and criteria on which decisions are made.

This degree is a part of the Graduate Program in Engineering of PSL University.

Master’s degree in Health Engineering - Biomedical Engineering BME (co-accreditation PSL, Paris 5, ENSAM Paris)
The BME Paris Master’s degree offers a programme of excellence aimed at students with diverse profiles (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and other health sciences). The final objective of the course is to:Automatic line feedback
1) To provide students with the necessary knowledge and techniques in many areas of biomedical engineering;Automatic line feedback
2) Fostering a fruitful collaborative approach between engineering and medical students to bridge the "cultural gap" between the respective professions. Automatic Line Feedback
The second year (M2) offers five different courses. In the first year (M1), students consolidate and broaden their knowledge, both in engineering and in the medical field.

This degree is a part of the Graduate Programs in Engineering and in Life Sciences of PSL University.

Master of Physics (International Center for Fundamental Physics - ICFP)
The Master’s program of the International Center for Fundamental Physics offers a complete and diversified training in fundamental physics, whether theoretical or experimental. Automatic line feedback
The fields covered cover a broad spectrum: high energy physics, statistical physics, atomic physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics and physics for biology.

This degree is a part of the Graduate Program in Physics of PSL University.

Master’s Degree in Life Sciences

The PSL Master in Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary Master’s degree that aims to prepare new generations of scientists, engineers and doctors to face emerging issues in the fields of contemporary biology, ecology and environmental sciences.

This degree is a part of the Graduate Program in Life Sciences of PSL University.

Master in Materials Science and Engineering

Objectives of the master :

To give the necessary experimental and theoretical knowledge, on the one hand, to imagine and design innovative materials that meet precise specifications, and on the other hand, to improve the performance of existing materials and predict their lifespan.automatic line feedback
To establish the link between elaboration, synthesis and shaping processes, (micro)structure and structural and/or functional properties.

This degree is a part of the Graduate Program in Engineering of PSL University.

Other Research Masters :
ESPCI Paris is also involved in other Research Masters in physics and materials study.

 Sensors, instrumentation and measurements

 Optics, Matter, Plasmas

 Materials Science and Nano-Objects

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