Masters programs

11 Research Masters degrees are conferred jointly by ESPCI ParisTech and partner institutions (UPMC, ENS,…), in the areas of physics and materials sciences, and chemistry, respectively.

Five masters in physics and materials sciences :

  • Science of materials and nano-objets
  • Sensors, measurement and instrumentation
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Optics, Matter, Plasma.
  • Complex Systems

to learn more about these 5 masters programs in Physics and Material Sciences

The four masters in chemistry correspond to the four major areas of the new Paris Center Master of Science in Chemistry (Master Chimie de Paris Centre.)

The Master degree is conferred jointly by Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI ParisTech, and ENS-Ulm, UPMC for these specialized areas, and by CNAM for the specialization in Chemical Engineering.

  • Chemical engineering
  • Molecular chemistry
  • Chemistry and physical chemistry of materials
  • Analytical, physical and theoretical chemistry

(description of the masters in Chemistry on the web site of UPMC)

ESPCI ParisTech is also a part of two ParisTech Masters programs :

How to Apply to a ESPCI Master Program :
Applications can be done on line.

Dead Line to Apply for international students : 8th May 2014

For further informations : contact

Master Programs open to Students of the ESPCI Ingénieur curriculum

In their fourth year, many students of the ESPCI Ingénieur program follow the 2nd year of a master program in order to get an additionnal specialization. They can be admitted into the ESPCI Research master’s Programs (see above). They can also study for a Masters or other degree in another ParisTech school or partner institutions. These programs include :

  • HEC Entrepreneurs Master,
  • HEC Sustainable Development Specialized Master,
  • MINES ParisTech Specialized Masters in Energy Engineering and Management,
  • Specialized Master in Quality Management from Arts et Métiers ParisTech,
  • "Masternova" Specialized Master in Management of Technological Innovation in Agribusiness and Bio-industries from AgroParisTech,
  • Master in Life Sciences and Technologies, Nutrition and Health from AgroParisTech.

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