Mission Statement

ESPCI Paris - PSL is both a French “Grande Ecole” and an international research centre in Physics, Chemistry and Biology right in the heart of Paris. Founded in 1882 by the City of Paris, ESPCI is a member of PSL University.

Our vision

To have an impact on society through trans-disciplinary, experiment-based research and teaching, and by contributing every day to build a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive world.

Our ambition

To train outstanding research engineers and scientists by a faculty unconstrained by disciplinary boundaries, aware of their individual, social and environmental responsibilities.

Our missions

ESPCI Paris - PSL fulfills 3 closely related missions

  • Teaching

As a French “Grande Ecole” and a research centre, ESPCI offers an interdisciplinary education in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, at the cutting edge of the latest scientific advances, combining theoretical learning and experimental work. ESPCI trains a unique profile: versatile and creative R&D engineers, with a solid theoretical and experimental background, aware of the challenges our society is facing. Our professors transmit a culture of science-based innovation opening up a wide range of possibilities in France and abroad.

  • Research

Since its creation, ESPCI has been a world-renowned research centre in Physics, Chemistry and more recently in Biology. Our research laboratories, which all benefit from CNRS research positions and support, contribute to the advancement of fundamental scientific knowledge that leads to applications for society.

  • Innovation

Through its interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach to research, ESPCI promotes the development of innovation and technology transfer. Our teams transform knowledge from fundamental research, into innovations and disruptive technologies, to address better major contemporary challenges. ESPCI’s deep tech incubator supports researchers and entrepreneurs in the creation of start-ups by drawing on the strengths of the school and its ecosystem.

Our commitment

Since its creation, ESPCI has continuously engaged its strengths and competences to serve major societal issues, and to defend the importance of science in serving our society. ESPCI is committed to address environment, solidarity, health, access and openness to knowledge, while contributing to their advancement. We defend and promote equal opportunity and social diversity. We encourage and value the commitment of our students, particularly in the form of associations.

Our strength

Can be seen through the dynamism and enthusiasm of our students, teachers, researchers, staff and alumni. The depth and breadth of this community is the crucible of our excellence and attractiveness in France and abroad.

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris