ESPCI: generating innovation and jobs

ESPCI is also known for its capacity to encourage major innovations. Did you know that as well as radium, polonium, actinium and lutecium, many other objects from our everyday lives were first discovered or created at ESPCI, like the neon tube, the black box, the quartz watch, sonar, wireless technology, self-healing rubber or even ultrafast ultrasound imaging?

An entrepreneurial culture
More and more graduates create their own companies after graduation or after their PhD. This capacity to innovation is highly valued today. ESPCI courses perpetuate this strong innovation culture which stems from the people who have worked at the school, like Paul Langevin, theoretical physicist and the inventor of sonar, Pierre and Marie Curie and our contemporaries Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and Georges Charpak.
Their heritage encourages students to contribute to future technological progress through their knowledge and their innovations. ESPCI Paris researchers continuously anticipate industry requirements to invent viable solutions as pioneers in their fi elds. They challenge nature and materials through concrete situations inspired by industry issues. They publish more than an article a day in the best international scientific peer-reviewed journals.
This ceaseless confrontation with industrial perspectives has generated a remarkably powerful entrepreneurial culture that makes technological innovation an essential lever for commercial success.
Scientists at ESPCI Parisfi le one patent a week and every year create several start-ups to promote inventions and discoveries generated by their research

ESPCI and its start-ups
An average of three start-ups are created every year in every high-tech fi eld: medical imagery, therapy, telecommunications, intelligent materials, sustainable materials, etc. Some of these start-ups that generate highly qualifi ed jobs have the potential of revolutionising entire sections of French and even international industries.

• EOS Imaging (2000)
• Fluigent (2008)
• RainDance Technologies (2008)
• CDP Innovation (2008)
• Cytoo (2009)
• Inventel
• Cy-Play
• Finsécur
• TR Com (2009)
• SuperSonic Imagine
• Sensitive Object Echosens LLTech (2010)
• Capsum (2010)
• Sculpteo (2010)
• Acanthe Biotech Nexdot (2010)
• Withings (2010)
• SmartView (2011)
• Invoxia (2011)
• Winovel (2012)
• Capital Innovation Partners (2012)
• Ademtech Ulifetec (2012)
• Vision Objects
• Platod (2012)
• HiFiBio (2013)
• Biomillenia (2014)
• Microfactory (2014)
• Millidrop (2015)
• Cardiawave (2015)

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