Requirements for Admission and Curriculum

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Office of the Dean of Studies

Prof. Marc Fermigier or Assoc. Prof. Hélène Montes

Director and Associate director, Academic Affairs

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Office of International Relations

Bénédicte Ravier

International Student Exchanges

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 Documents to download

Education at ESPCI ParisTech.pdf (pdf file 6.2MB)

Prospective students with a Bachelor degree in physics, chemistry or materials science, and/or students interested in studying at ESPCI ParisTech and graduate with the « diplôme d’ingénieur » degree may find useful information on this page. Admission is opened to a limited number of foreign students who have the required background coupled to a strong motivation.

What to expect from ESPCI ParisTech ?

ESPCI ParisTech is a French Grande École: France-residing students are selected through an exacting competitive process which stresses heavily math and physics skills and is taken typically two years after high school. The ESPCI ParisTech curriculum emphasizes basic science (chemistry, physics and biology) and provides a high level of education in all three disciplines. The required math level, particularly for the physics courses, is significant and may be challenging depending on the student’s background. More detailed information on the curriculum and course content may be found in the attached documents for download.

The degree delivered by ESPCI ParisTech after three years is equivalent to a Master degree. It is recognized internationally and highly regarded in France, in both industry and academia. The strength of the ESPCI ParisTech education is its strong focus on research. 60 to 70% of ESPCI ParisTech graduates eventually pursue a PhD. The curriculum includes several research internships in the labs on campus, as well as outside the School.

ESPCI ParisTech offers prospective international students a number of options to study on campus - providing you have the required level. Whether you are interested in a short or a long term stay, whether you’d like to earn a degree at the end of your stay or you are merely interested in the "study abroad" experience, ESPCI ParisTech has something for you.

The various options and application requirements may be found on the following pages:

For short-term stays, please look under the "ATHENS programme" section (for students from European partner universities) or under the "research internships" section.

For longer time periods, with or without earning a degree, information may be found under:
- the ERASMUS section, for European students;
- the CREPUQ section, for students from Québec, Canada;
- the ParisTech or the École Polytechnique admission programme sections, for students from China, Russia or Brazil.
Visit the ParisTech website for more information on those international programs

Additionally, a number of students are admitted each year from unsolicited applications and students from countries that are not covered by the ParisTech program are especially encouraged to apply.

Should you need more information on the requirements to apply, please contact directly the Office of International Relations or the Office of Academic Affairs.

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris