Ludwik Leibler, recipient of the 2013 Medal for Innovation

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Ludwik Leibler © CNRS/Photothèque/Cyril_FRESILLON
Ludwik Leibler © CNRS/Photothèque/Cyril_FRESILLON
Ludwik Leibler, associate professor at ESPCI ParisTech, director of the Laboratory for Soft Matter and Chemistry and director of exceptional research at the CNRS, receives the CNRS Medal for Innovation, which rewards individuals whose exceptional research has led to noteworthy innovations for technology, economics, therapeutics and society.

A theoretical physicist by training, the eclectic Ludwik Leibler has succeeded in developing fundamental pioneering work in the field of the physics and chemistry of polymers. Acknowledged worldwide for his essential contributions in the field of nanostructuring and dynamics of polymers, Ludwik Leibler has maintained a constant dialogue with the industrial world. Close collaborations, including the creation of a mixed laboratory, with groups such as Arkema and Total, have contributed to ground-breaking innovations.

A prolific inventor

Ludwik Leibler has invented entirely original materials by combining deep theoretical understanding and the concern for highly integrated industrial exploitation from conception. One of these recent noteworthy discoveries relates to supramolecular rubbers capable of self-healing by simple contact after a full tear. Another recent discovery relates to a new class of organic materials - vitrimers. These repairable and recyclable materials are, like glass, capable of being shaped reversibly at will, while remaining insoluble, lightweight and strong.

Ludwik Leibler has filed 47 patents and published 177 scientific articles.

This distinction will be awarded to him, as well as to the two other recipients - Phillippe Cinquin and Stéphane Mallat - on 12 June 2013 by Geneviève Fioraso, Minister of Higher Education and Research.

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