March 27: Day in honor of José Eduardo Wesfreid

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On March 27, there will be a day-long workshop in honor of Jose Eduardo Wesfreid, researcher at the PMMH Lab for more than 40 years.
We will begin at 9:00 in lecture hall 25 at Sorbonne University (Jussieu) and will end with a cocktail 18:00-20:00 in the Tour Zamansky.

Registration via email at
Website with more details including programme:

Born in 1945 in Argentina, Jose Eduardo Wesfreid came to Paris in 1976 at the beginning of the golden age of nonlinear physics, or chaos, as it was then called. His experimental work on Rayleigh-Benard convection at CEA-Saclay involved many of the ideas that became standard: the Landau-Ginzburg equation, Eckhaus instability, hexagon-square competition, phase diffusion.

After coming to PMMH in 1980, he worked on many other kinds of hydrodynamic instabilities: boundary layers and wall-bounded shear flows, Taylor-Gortler and Taylor-Dean vortices, Rayleigh-Taylor and Kelvin-Helmoltz instabilities, the backward facing step, coherent structures, bluff-body wakes, fountains, ripples, and jets. Most recently, he has studied transition to turbulence and control.

Eduardo has spent 40 years at PMMH, 10 of which as its director. Under his leadership, PMMH grew in size and renown and diversified its research to include granular media, active matter, complex fluids, bio-locomotion, micro and nano hydrodynamics, solid mechanics, statistical mechanics.

Eduardo has supervised over 30 PhD students, many of whom populate the fluid-dynamical and nonlinear dynamics landscape in France in academic and industrial positions. He has been an informal mentor to many others, tirelessly encouraging young and not-so-young scientists and hosting visitors, junior and senior, from all countries. He has played a large role in fostering ties between France and Argentina and with Chile.

Although it is impossible to bring together all of the people and scientific fields that Eduardo has touched, we have gathered a small and representative sample for this day in his honor on March 27, 2023.

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris