Research | 30/09/2019
How to apply a coating to an object? The immersion method is often used in the industry with a central question: how to predict the thickness of the layer that will cover the object? Far from being insignificant, this question raises important financial issues for manufacturers. A team from the  Read more

Research | 31/07/2019
It is well known that bacteria can swim against the current - and this often causes serious problems, for example when they spread in water pipes or in medical catheters. To prevent or at least slow down the spread of bacteria contaminating biological or medical ducts one needs to precisely  Read more

Research, Exceptional events | 28/06/2019
On September 25-28th will held in Paris the 3rd edition of the ParisEdge International Conference, on cutting-edge topics in quantum materials. Quantum Materials lie at the frontier of the present understanding of the mechanisms behind many fascinating phenomena, like high-temperature  Read more

Exceptional events, Research | 27/05/2019
The first international workshop dedicated to “Functional ultrasound imaging of the brain” will take place from October 27th to November 2nd 2019 in the beautiful setting of Cargèse in Corsica, France. This workshop, organized by the Physics for medicine unit will bring together physicists,  Read more

Research | 30/04/2019
A few months ago, a new neuroscientist professor was appointed at ESPCI Paris to strengthen the Brain Plasticity Unit: Gisella Vetere. After a PhD in Italy and a postdoc in Toronto where she worked on memory consolidation in mice, she decided to join the school. “Students here at ESPCI are very  Read more

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