Gulliver Seminar : Yvette Tran (SIMM, ESPCI)

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28 septembre 2020 11:30 » 12:30

Responsive hydrogel thin films : design and functionalities

Surface-attached hydrogel films are actual novel alternative to brushes and layer-by-layer assemblies as polymer thin layers. We have recently developed a simple and versatile approach to synthesize reliable and reproducible films with thickness widely ranging from a few nanometers to several micrometers. Surface-attached hydrogel films show very interesting responsive properties : they reversibly modify their thickness with temperature by absorbing/expulsing water with high amplitude change (the change is four-fold or more) ; the transition is sharp and rapid (within a few degrees around the transition temperature and below one second) ; hydrogels with adjustable internal architectures can be built such as multilayer hydrogel films, nanocomposite hydrogel films, micro-patterns of hydrogels. I will show that the tailoring of surface-attached hydrogels with well-controlled chemistry allows to face new challenges in various areas. This approach of polymer thin layers makes possible a fine characterization of mechanical properties (friction and adhesion) of hydrogel films in water. Temperature-responsive hydrogels are also used as actuators in microfluidic devices. Moreover, they are suitable for the development of modulable Bragg mirrors with high spectroscopic shift.

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