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BIOMILLENIA is a young BioTech start-up company in the heart of Paris, France with a focus on developing green chemistry products. The company was founded by world-leading experts in microfluidics and advanced genomic technologies from the US and France and located at the innovative environment of the Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles (ESPCI). Our disruptive development platform, based on licensed technology that was developed by Harvard University, the BROAD Institute and ESPCI Paris, uniquely combines advanced genomics and bioinformatics technologies with microfluidics-based ultrahigh-throughput screening. This unique technology platform delivers novel enzymes and production strains for manufacture of chemicals and natural products at throughputs and speeds several orders of magnitudes higher than with traditional methods. We “Unlock Nature’s Potential” for cost-competitive and sustainably manufactured novel biology-based products for a better life.

We are searching for passionate Scientists / Senior Scientists with the following qualifications :

Position Description

 Project management of internal development and joined development projects with BIOMILLENIA customers.
 Experiment planning, experimentation and analysis of data and preparation of improvement measures.
 Establishment of procedures and technologies in microfluidics, biological engineering, assay technologies.
 Participation in the evaluation of new technologies and filing of intellectual property.

Participation in generation of marketing material.

Scientific / technical representation of the company at customer meetings, conferences.

Position Requirements

 Ph.D. bioengineering, biotechnology, biochemistry or a related discipline.
 Ideally profound knowledge in the area of bioprocessing, extraction and purification of enzymes and natural products, enzyme assays, production strains.
 Knowledge in project management.

Personal Requirements

Technical understanding and joy in working in a small, energetic and innovative team.
- Fluent written and spoken English.
- Strong organization and communication skills as well as accountability and quality commitment.

CDI - 39h (+RTT) - 40K€ brut/an

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris