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A post-doctoral position is available at the C3M Laboratory in the frame of
SHERO (Self-Healing for Soft Robotics), a Horizon 2020 FET European Project,
devoted to Future & Emerging Technologies. SHERO is a collaboration between
three academic institutes (VUB Brussels, University of Cambridge, ESPCI Paris-
PSL), one technology institute (EMPA, Zürich) and one SME partner (Suprapolix, The
Netherlands). The present offer is located mainly at ESPCI Paris.

The aim of the SHERO project is the development of fully-autonomous self-healing
soft robotic devices, by integrating engineered functional materials, smart sensing,
active actuation and control capabilities into soft robots. The present work includes
polymer functionalization and demonstration of materials properties.

The funding is for one year, starting as soon as possible. Experience in polymer
chemistry and physical chemistry of polymers will be sought.

Missions & Duties

ESPCI Paris-PSL is a major institution of higher education (a French "Grande École
d’ingénieurs"), an internationally renowned research centre (11 research units), and a fertile ground of innovation for industry. Teaching and research cover the fields of
physics, chemistry and biology.

The research will be carried out in the Molecular, Macromolecular Chemistry &
Materials (C3M) laboratory at ESPCI Paris-PSL (formerly Soft Matter and Chemistry ; This laboratory conducts fundamental research inspired by and oriented towards industrial applications. The research themes cross
macromolecular synthesis, organic chemistry, and the physics and physico-chemistry
of soft matter. Researchers design and synthesize functional molecules and
innovative polymer and colloid materials, that are characterized by different
techniques and modeled.

The proposed research project deals with synthesis and characterization of self-
healing materials and vitrimers, based on low glass transition temperature polymers
in particular natural rubbers. The successful applicant will functionalize and/or
crosslink natural rubbers, and optimize self-healing behaviour using specific
catalysts. This research aims to develop novel hybrid multi-materials intended to
fabricate soft actuators for integration in a new generation of robots.

The research will be carried out in the C3M laboratory at ESPCI Paris-PSL, directed
by Dr. Michel Cloître, under the supervision of Dr François Tournilhac and Dr Sophie

Candidate Profile
Expected Qualities
The candidate must have good knowledge in polymer chemistry and chemistry and
physico-chemistry of materials.
Required Diploma
PhD thesis.

Status : CDD (Contrat à Durée Déterminée)
Position : Post-doctoral fellow
Contract duration : Immediately available position for one year

Recruitment requirement : Having a PhD thesis at the first day of contract

Application and contacts
Application files must include :
 A cover letter indicating motivations ;
 A resume ;
 A summary of scientific activities ;
The files must be sent by email in a single attached document, in PDF format only, to : and

In addition, one or two recommendation letters must be sent by referent people, at
the candidate’s request, directly to both addresses above.

Metro line 7 (Place Monge/Censier Daubenton) - RER B (Luxembourg)
Bus 21, 24, 27 & 47

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris