Post-doc position Single-cell Molecular Biologist

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Address your applications (CV + cover letter) to :
Prof. Andrew GRIFFITHS
Laboratory of Biochemistry
ESPCI ParisTech
10 Rue Vauquelin
75231 Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE
Email : job-lbc (arobase)

The Laboratory of Biochemistry at ESPCI ParisTech, directed by Prof. Andrew GRIFFITHS, seeks to recruit a molecular biologist to develop innovative single-cell approaches. The successful candidates will join a highly multidisciplinary team, with experience spanning biology, chemistry and physics. The projects of the laboratory are based around droplet- based microfluidics, a powerful new ultrahigh-throughput system in which reaction volumes can be miniaturized by up to a million-fold compared to conventional assays in microtitre plates. This opens up exciting prospects for the development of extremely innovative systems with many applications in the Life Sciences.

We are seeking a highly motivated post-doc for an applied research project realized in collaboration with oncologists at Inserm in Toulouse. Our goal is to develop an approach combining droplet-based microfluidics and next generation sequencing allowing genotyping at the single cell level for millions of single cells in parallel. This system will be applied to decipher the heterogeneity of cancer cells.

Candidates should possess a PhD in molecular biology and have experience in :
-  Primer design, optimization and validation
-  PCR/RT from cell lysate
-  Illumina sequencing

Experience in the following areas is a clear plus :
-  Single-cell systems (Fluidigm…)
-  NGS data analysis
-  Microfluidics
-  Cell culture (cell line maintenance)

Flexibility, autonomy, the ability to work in a highly multidisciplinary team and good interpersonal skills are essential.

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris