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Offre pourvue
Name / SURNAME: Costantino Creton FUNCTION: Research director (CNRS) TEL. NUMBER : +33 1 40 79 46 83 E-mail : Website :

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Laboratoire de Science et Ingénierie de la Matière Molle
At SIMM, research focuses on soft matter, ranging from rather homogeneous (liquids, bulk polymers or gels) to more complex (self-organization, multiple elastomer networks, nanocomposites, multilayers, emulsions, foams). The areas we are primarily interested in are functional assembly, mechanical properties across length scales and interfacial dynamics. Through material chemistry, we exert control over molecular interactions, structural disorder and dynamics to interrogate properties such as polymer toughness and adhesion, complex wetting dynamics and the glass transition, and develop our understanding of their relation to the structure of complex soft systems. For that purpose, SIMM benefits from the complementary expertise of researchers from different fields, ranging from chemistry and physical chemistry to physics and mechanics.
Offer information


We are seeking a motivated applicant to work on a post-doctoral project on the detection of molecular forces and bond scission during the fracture of soft polymer materials. The post-doc will be part of a team working on multi-scale characterization of fracture of soft materials with the framework of the ERC Advanced Grant CHEMECH (GA N° 695351), under the supervision of Costantino Creton (PI).

The focus of the project is on multiple network elastomers made of interpenetrated networks. We seek to use mechanosensitive molecules as labels to detect damage in the materials during deformation and fracture. The applicant should have a strong background in organic and polymer chemistry and some knowledge of polymer physics and polymer engineering in particular polymer rheology.
The work will be carried out in collaboration with polymer physicists for the characterization of the mechanical properties in large strain and for the analysis of the optical signals due to mechanophore activation under stress.
The key aspect of the project is the incorporation of mechanosensitive molecules that give an optical response when loaded with a force or when specific bonds break. The optical signal (emission of photons upon breakage, fluorescence, change in absorption) will be detected with a camera and with a laser scanning confocal microscope. For heterogeneous loading situations the objective will be to map spatially and temporally the occurrence of stress and of damage to the material. The work will be based on recently published papers demonstrating the feasibility of the method.


COMPETENCES REQUIRED : Strong knowledge of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and basic knowledge of soft matter physics and mechanics.
EDUCATION LEVEL : PhD in Polymer Science or Materials Science is necessary.
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED : 1-4 years’ experience in Chemistry. Experience in testing materials is a plus. English proficiency in writing and orally is a requirement

Catégorie : Post-Doc
Filière : Enseignement et recherche
The position : A 1 year full-time temporary contract
(par voie contractuelle pour une durée de 1 an pour les agents non titulaires.)
Start of the contract : 1st of January 2019
Applications from people with RQTH are encouraged. These people may benefit from a derogatory recruitment system of the City of Paris

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris