Gulliver Seminar : Philipp Thomas (Imperial College)

23 mai 2022 11:30 » 12:30 — Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

Stochastic gene expression in growing cell populations

Stochasticity in gene expression is an essential source of cell-to-cell variability (or noise) in clonal cell populations. So far, this phenomenon has been studied using the Gillespie Algorithm, or equivalently the Chemical Master Equation, which implicitly assumes that cells are independent and do neither grow nor divide. This talk will discuss recent developments in modelling populations of growing and dividing cells through agent-based approaches. I will show how the lineage structure affects gene expression noise in time-lapse microscopy, which leads to a straightforward interpretation of cell-to-cell variability in population snapshots. I will also illustrate how cell cycle variability shapes extrinsic noise across lineage trees. Finally, I outline how to construct effective chemical master equation models based on dilution reactions and extrinsic variability that provide surprisingly accurate approximations of the noise statistics across growing populations. The results highlight that it is crucial to consider cell growth and division when quantifying cellular noise.

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