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This position is located in a sector covered by the protection of scientific and technical potential (PPST) and therefore requires, in accordance with the regulations, that your arrival be authorized by the competent authority of the MESR

We are looking for an engineer/postdoc who wants to join an interdisciplinary team developing microfluidic and millifluidic devices for the analysis of complex chemical mixtures in the context of origin of life projects.
Project background :
The PEPR Origins is a national French initiative to study the astrobiology and origin of life. It gathers teams from astrophysics working on the detection of exoplanets to teams of chemists studying the conditions for the appearance of life.
The team :
ESPCI Paris-PSL is a major institution of higher education (a French "Grande École d’ingénieurs"), an internationally renowned research center (6 Nobel Prizes), and a fertile ground of innovation for industry (3 start-ups created/year). ESPCI is a highly multidisciplinary environment with teaching and research in physics, chemistry, and biology.
The Biophysics and Evolution Laboratory, located in the center of Paris at IPGG institute, is directed by Dr. Philippe NGHE. The research activities are based on experimental evolution, microfluidics and modeling.
The work will be done in collaboration with the team of Grégoire Danger at University of Aix-Marseille, which generates complex mixtures of organic chemicals maintained out-of-equilibrium.
Your main missions :
• Design, fabrication, and testing of open microfluidic reactors reacreating
• Devise an automatized parallelized system to run and monitor with multiple reactors
• Closely interact with the astrochemistry team in Marseille
• Participate to data analysis and interpretation
Your profile :
• MSc or PhD in Engineering or related fields with a focus on microfluidic device
• Extensive experience in microfabrication of microfluidic chips (lithography, micro-milling, hot embossing, alignment, and assembly)
• Background in laminar fluid hydrodynamics and multiphase flow
• Ability to work independently and with a problem-solving mindset
• Fluency in English and excellent communication skills
• Start date and duration : around 1rst July , for one year
Contact and Candidature :
We look forward to receiving your CV by contacting Dr. Philippe NGHE (philippe.nghe@espci.fr).

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris