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Some recent (and older) collaborations
Micro & Nano Characterization Group
MNC Group
Team of M. Mortier
Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, ENSCP, Paris, France.
Synthesis and applications of fluorescent nanoparticles.

Team of A.Garcia Martin and M.U. Gonzalez
IMM-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.
Near-field properties of gold nanostructures.

Team of M. Mivelle
Institut des nanosciences de Paris, France.
Dipolar magnetic transitions in Eu3+ ions, imaging cavities with Eu3+ ions.

Team of R. Carminati
Institut Langevin, ESPCI, Paris, France.
Dipolar magnetic transitions in europium ions.

Team of C. Bergaud
Laboratoire d'Architecture et d'Analyse des Systemes (LAAS), Toulouse, France.
Fabrication of nanowires, thermal characterizations.

Team of P. Lalanne
Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l'Institut d'Optique (LCFIO), Palaiseau, France.
Simulation and physics of nanoapertures, plasmons.

Team of S. Volz
Laboratoire Energetique Moleculaire et Macroscopique, Combustion (EM2C), ECP, Chatenay-Malabry, France.
Simulation of the heating of micro- and nanowires.