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Short-wave infrared sensor by the photothermal effect of colloidal gold nanorods
H. Xiang, T. Niu, M. Schoenauer-Sebag, Z. Hu, X. Xu, L. Billot, L. Aigouy, Z. Chen
Small, 1704013 (2018).

Compact layer free mixed-cation lead mixed-Halide perovskite solat cells
Z. Hu, H. Xiang, M. Schoenauer-Sebag, L. Billot, L. Aigouy, Z. Chen
Chemical Communications, 54, 2623-2626 (2018).

Enhancing magnetic light emission with all-dielectric optical nanoantennas
M. Sanz-Paz, C. Ernandes, J.U. Esparza, G.W. Burr, N.F. van Hulst, A. Maitre, L. Aigouy, T. Gacoin, N. Bonod, M.F. Garcia-Parajo, S. Bidault, M. Mivelle
Nano Letters, 18, 3481-3487 (2018).

Fluorescence enhancement near single TiO2 nanodisks
H.J. Lin, K. de Oliveira Lima, P. Gredin, M. Mortier, L. Billot, Z. Chen, L. Aigouy
Applied Physics Letters, 111, 251109 (2017).

Nanoscale thermometry with fluorescent yttrium-based Er/Yb-doped fluoride nanocrystals
A. Assy, H.J. Lin, M. Schoenauer-Sebag, P. Gredin, M. Mortier, L. Billot, Z. Chen, L. Aigouy
Sensors & crtuators A, 250, 71-77 (2016).

Plasmonic-enhanced perovskite–graphene hybrid photodetectors
Z. Sun, L. Aigouy, Z. Chen
Nanoscale, 8, 7377-7383 (2016).

Real-Time Observation of Organic Cation Reorientation in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskites
A. A. Bakulin, O. Selig, H. J. Bakker, Y. L. A. Rezus, C. Müller, T. Glaser, R. Lovrincic, Z. Sun, Z. Chen, A. Walsh, J. M. Frost, T. L. C. Jansen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 6, 3663-3669 (2015).

Near-Field Observation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Launched by V-Shaped Nanorods on a Gold Surface
L. Billot, M. Mortier, L. Aigouy.
Applied Optics 54(31), 9326-9330 (2015).

Reduced Carrier Recombination in PbS - CuInS2 Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Z. Sun, G. Sitbon, T. Pons, A. A. Bakulin, Z. Chen
Scientific Reports, 5, 10626 (2015)

Synthesis and utilization of LaVO4:Eu3+ nanoparticles as fluorescent near-field optical sensors
S. G. Nedilko, O. Chukova, Yu. Hizhnyi, S. A. Nedilko, T. Voitenko, L. Billot and L. Aigouy.
Phys. Status Solidi C 12(3), 282–286 (2015)

Optical, structural, and electrical properties of PEDOT:PSS thin films doped with silver nanoprisms
Z. Cao, Z. Chen, L. Escoubas
Optical Materials Express, 4, 2525 - 2534 (2014)

Parallel Collective Resonances in Arrays of Gold Nanorods
A. Vitrey, L. Aigouy, P. Prieto, J. Garcia-Martin, M.U. Gonzalez
Nano Letters 14(4), 2079-2085 (2014).

Mapping and Quantifying Electric and Magnetic Dipole Luminescence at the Nanoscale
L. Aigouy, A. Cazé, P. Gredin, M. Mortier, R. Carminati.
Physical Review Letters 113, 076101 (2014).

Role of Thermal Heating on the Voltage Induced Insulator-Metal Transition in VO2
A. Zimmers, L. Aigouy, M. Mortier, A. Sharoni, S. Wang, K.G. West, J.G. Ramirez, I.K. Schuller
Physical Review Letters 110, 056601 (2013).

Charge trapping dynamics in PbS colloidal quantum dot photovoltaic devices
A. A. Bakulin, S. Neutzner, H. J. Bakker, L. Ottaviani, D. Barakel, Z. Chen
ACS nano, 7, 8771 - 8779 (2013)

Near-Field Imaging of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Excited by Chains of Gold Nanodiscs
L. Billot, M. Mortier, L. Aigouy
Plasmonics 8(4), 1515-1521 (2013).

Imaging Current Paths in Complex Conductors by Scanning Fluorescence Microscopy
L. Aigouy, J. Lesueur, N. Bergeal, M. Mortier
Applied Physics Letters 101, 123113 (2012).

Optical quasi-cylindrical waves at dielectric interfaces
C.-H. Gan, L. Lalouat, P. Lalanne and L. Aigouy
Physical Review B 83, 085422 (2011).

Near-Field Optical Characterization of Interacting and Non-Interacting Gold Nanoparticles Embedded in a Silica Thin Film
L. Lalouat, L. Billot, L. Aigouy, F. Pineider, C. de Julián Fernández, J. Labéguerie-Egéa, M. Mortier
Optics Communications 284, 3118 (2011).

Strong Near-Field Optical Localization on an Array of Gold Nanodisks
L. Aigouy, P. Prieto, A. Vitrey, J. Anguita, A. Cebollada, M.U. Gonzalez, A. Garcia-Martin, J. Labéguerie-Egéa, M. Mortier
Journal of Applied Physics 110, 044308 (2011).

Tuning temperature and size of hot spots and hot spot arrays
E. Saïdi, N. Babinet, L. Lalouat, J. Lesueur, L. Aigouy, S. Volz, J. Labéguerie-Egea, and M. Mortier
Small 17(8), 259-264 (2011).

A Scanning Thermal Probe Microscope That Operates in Liquids
L. Aigouy, L. Lalouat, M. Mortier, P. Löw, and C. Bergaud
Review of Scientific Instruments 82, 036106 (2011).

ac-thermal imaging of a microwire with a fluorescent nanocrystal: influence of the near-field on the thermal contrast
L. Aigouy, E. Saïdi, L. Lalouat, J. Labéguerie-Egea, M. Mortier, P. Löw, and C. Bergaud
Journal of Applied Physics 106, 074301 (2009).

Efficient generation of surface plasmon by single-nanoslit illumination under highly oblique incidence
B. Wang, L. Aigouy, E. Bourhis, J. Gierak, J.P. Hugonin, and P. Lalanne.
Applied Physics Letters 94, 011114 (2009).

Scanning thermal imaging by near-field fluorescence spectroscopy
E. Saïdi, B. Samson, L. Aigouy, S. Volz, P. Löw, C. Bergaud, and M. Mortier.
Nanotechnology 20, 115703 (2009).

ac-thermal imaging of nanoheaters using a scanning fluorescent probe
B. Samson, L. Aigouy, P. Löw, C. Bergaud, B.J. Kim, and M. Mortier.
Applied Physics Letters 92, 023108 (2008).

Scanning thermal imaging of an electrically-excited aluminum microstripe
B. Samson, L. Aigouy, R. Latempa, G. Tessier, M. Aprili, M. Mortier, J. Lesueur, and D. Fournier.
Journal of Applied Physics 102, 024305 (2007).

Near-field analysis of surface waves launched at nano-slit apertures
L. Aigouy, P. Lalanne, J.P. Hugonin, G. Julié, V. Mathet, and M. Mortier.
Physical Review Letters 98, 153902 (2007).

Near-field scattered by a single nanoslit in a metal film
L. Aigouy, P. Lalanne, H. Liu, G. Julié, V. Mathet, and M. Mortier.
Applied Optics 48(36), 8573-8577 (2007).

Thermal imaging of nickel wires with a fluorescent nanoprobe
B. Samson, L. Aigouy, G. Tessier, P. Löw, B. Kim, C. Bergaud, and M. Mortier.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 92, 012089 (2007).

Scanning near-field optical microscope working with a CdSe/ZnS quantum dots based optical detector
L. Aigouy, B. Samson, G. Julié, V. Mathet, N. Lequeux, C. Allen, H. Diaf, and B. Dubertret.
Review of Scientific Instruments 77, 063702 (2006).

Electromagnetic field distribution on a rough gold thin film : an experimental study as a function of the gold thickness
L. Aigouy, V. Mathet, and P. Beauvillain.
Optics Communications 262, 263-269 (2006).

Rare-earth doped fluoride glass particles as three-dimensional near-field optical sensors
L. Aigouy, M. Mortier, J. Giérak, and E. Bourhis.
European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B : Physics and Chemistry of Glasses, 47(2), 83-87 (2006).

Scanning thermal imaging of microelectronic circuits with a fluorescent nanoprobe
L. Aigouy, G. Tessier, M. Mortier, and B. Charlot.
Applied Physics Letters 87(18), 184105 (2005).

Analysis of the measured signals in apertureless near-field optical microscopy
F. Formanek, Y. De Wilde and L. Aigouy.
Ultramicroscopy 103, 133-139 (2005).

Field distribution on metallic and dielectric nanoparticles observed with a fluorescent near-field optical probe
L. Aigouy, M. Mortier, J. Giérak, E. Bourhis, Y. De Wilde, P. Corstjens and H.J. Tanke.
Journal of Applied Physics 97(10), 104322 (2005).

Fabrication and characterization of fluorescent rare-earth-doped glass particles based-tips for near-field optical imaging applications
L. Aigouy, Y. De Wilde, M. Mortier, J. Giérak and E. Bourhis.
Applied Optics 43(19), 3829-3837 (2004).

Apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy in liquids : applications in fluorescence imaging
A. Fragola, L. Aigouy, P.Y. Mignotte, F. Formanek and Y. De Wilde.
Ultramicroscopy 101, 47-54 (2004).

Local optical imaging of nano-holes using a single fluorescent rare-earth-doped particle as a probe
L. Aigouy, Y. De Wilde, and M. Mortier.
Applied Physics Letters 83(1), 147-149 (2003).

Interference effect in apertureless near-field fluorescence imaging
A. Fragola, L. Aigouy, and A.C. Boccara.
Applied Optics 42(34), 6880-6888 (2003).

Upconversion Fluorescence Imaging of Erbium-Doped Fluoride Glass Particles by Apertureless SNOM
A. Fragola, L. Aigouy, Y. De Wilde, and M. Mortier.
Journal of Microscopy 210(3), 198 (2003).
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