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Lionel Aigouy
CNRS Researcher
(Near-field, nanothermics, plasmonics)
Micro & Nano Characterization Group
Group members (2022)
MNC Group
Former group members
Benjamin Samson, PhD defended in Feb. 2009
Loic Lalouat, Post-doc Jan. 2009 - July 2010
Elika Saidi, PhD defended in Jan. 2012
Alan Vitrey, Visiting student in 2013
Ali Assy, Post-doc June 2015 - March 2016
Mathilde Schoenaur-Sebag, PhD defended in sept. 2018
Cyrine Ernand├Ęs, PhD defended in Oct. 2019
Hu Zhelu, PhD defended  in Sept. 2019
Hengyang Xiang, PhD defended in Sept. 2019
Hung-Ju Lin, Post-Doc 2017-2019
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Laurent Billot
Associate Prof, UPMC
(Plasmonics, far-field charac.)
Zhuoying Chen
CNRS Researcher
(Group leader, chemistry, devices)
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Alexandre Zimmers
Associate Prof, UPMC
(VO2, neuromorphic computing)
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Students and Post-docs (2022)
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